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From today there is one more reason to choose Lavazza Espresso Point capsules: they are more stylish and more environmentally friendly. The flavour has not changed, but there is even more of it.

From today Espresso Point capsules are changing colour: from white to black. However, this does not change the flavour and quality of Lavazza coffee, which is perfect for your office coffee breaks.

Why are they changing colour?

The reason is simple: we want to make Lavazza’s image even more consistent and recognisable for our customers. So Espresso Point capsules are becoming black, just like those used in Lavazza’s other BLUE and Lavazza A Modo Mio systems.

This not only gives them a more modern and elegant style, but also makes them more environmentally friendly.

Will this change the taste of my coffee?

The coffee blends contained in Espresso Point capsules have not changed, nor has the in-cup result which guarantees the same excellent Lavazza quality.

What exactly are the advantages?

The new Espresso Point Lavazza capsules reduce the use of virgin polypropylene and cut material transportation, with up to 112 less trucks on the road, representing 14,000 less km of road travel every year.

What is Lavazza doing with regards to environmental sustainability?

In order to safeguard the high quality and sustainability standards of its products, several years ago Lavazza launched a programme aimed at assessing the environmental performances of various key products.

In this sense Lavazza has adopted a life cycle thinking approach several years ago and is conducting a product environmental impact assessment in accordance with UNI EN 14040/44/67 standards using the life cycle assessment methodology. The LCA approach entails an assessment of environmental impact throughout the value chain starting with the green coffee and processing activities in the countries of origin, moving through the production plants, packing, coffee machines, transport of raw materials and finished products right through to product disposal.

What steps are being taken by Lavazza for the sustainability of the capsule system?

Lavazza adopts a two-fold approach to the capsule system: on the one hand optimising existing solutions, which means rationalising processes and reducing processing waste and, on the other hand, researching innovative materials, of which the compostable capsule is the first concrete example.

Another aspect we are working on is improving end-of-life treatment, namely the possibility of recycling used packages. To this end, we are testing new materials and new structures.