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Milk or coffee? Your choice


Lavazza Firma presents LF 400 Milk Italian coffee tradition’s most delicious recipes in the comfort of your own office, finally with a compact design.

Technical features
Electric power supply 220 – 240 V; 50 – 60 Hz
Nominal power c.a. 1250 W
material ABS
Water tank capacity 1200 cc
Indication of water tank minimum level -
Functions exclusively with single-serve Lavazza FIRMA capsules
Cup-support rack: adjustable at 3 different heights
Selection buttons: 4 selections (espresso, long espresso, long coffee, free dose)
Automatic ejection of used capsules into the drawer
Automatic system of capsule counting to check when the capsule drawer is full
Electronic system to check the presence of the capsule drawer
Capsule drawer capacity: 8 capsule
Thermoblock: ensures an always constant coffee quality
Counter -
Built-in chip card reader to set the doses and the counting -
Low energy Bluetooth® technology
Energy saving After 30’ or through a dedicated button
Descaling warning -
Capacity of containers for soluble products -
BRITA filter -
Size 15,6 x 32 x 37 cm
Weight 4,5 kg

Luxury service

An exclusive luxury service:
- A professional machine on free loan
- Timely delivery of capsules
- Maintenance and assistance included