The moka coffee pot
The flame
The sugar

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How to prepare coffee with the moka coffee pot

  1. The moka coffee pot

  2. Simplicity, first and foremost

    If you have a new coffeepot, first of all remember to wash it with water
    and baking soda, and then make coffee twice (but do not drink it!).

    Pour the water into the lower chamber up to the valve.

    Use only hot water to clean the pot.

  3. The blend

  4. The right quality

    Richer stronger-flavoured coffees, such as Qualità Rossa and Crema e Gusto,
    are ideal for drinking early in the morning and in the first part of the day.

    The more aromatic and delicate coffees, such as Qualità Oro and Lavazza Club,
    are just right for an afternoon or evening break.

  5. Preparation

  6. Never overdo it

    Fill the filter with coffee up to the edges without overfilling and tamping: never
    press the coffee down into the filter and do not make a hole in it. This would
    alter the ideal contact time between water and coffee.

    Arrange the coffee in the filter delicately tapping the bottom on a flat surface.

    At this point, you can insert the filter in the boiler chamber.

  7. The water

  8. Take your time - Patience is essential

    It is important to use fresh low-mineral content water to prevent the flavour of
    the coffee aroma being altered.

    Never use hot water to speed up the boiling process.

  9. The flame

  10. The secret is in the slow spreed

    It is better to heat over a low flame so that the temperature rises gradually: the
    water should reach boiling point slowly.
    This allows slower and more thorough extraction and prevents the handle

  11. The sugar

  12. Sweet or bitter, as you like it.

    True aficionados and the brave drink it without sugar, but it's fine to add sugar to
    the cup depending on your personal taste.

  13. The process

  14. The details make all the difference

    The coffee starts to be extracted from the extraction funnel as soon as the water
    begins to get hot.

    The gurgle tells us that the water has finished: turning off the heat prevents the
    coffee from boiling and consequently burning.

    Once it is ready, stir the coffee with a teaspoon to mix well and then pour into
    the cup.

  15. And now enjoy your cup of coffee!

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