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Sustainability Report 2014

Luigi Lavazza S.p.A

Document Objectives

This is the first edition of our Sustainability Report, which will from now on be an annual exercise. The objective of this document is to provide a systematic framework for the company’s accountability and reporting initiatives. Specifically, the Report is the primary instrument for managing and reporting on economic, environmental and social sustainability initiatives.

Our story is the story of a family and of a business. It is a typically Italian story and yet a unique one, because it stems from the vision of Luigi Lavazza: a pioneer who already thought in terms of constant improvement and innovation, 120 years ago.

There are some rules that we have to follow, because they are established by laws and regulations; rules that are mandatory for all citizens and businesses. But there are also unwritten rules, dictated by our ethics, our education, our moral sensibility and humanity; rules that we apply and respect out of choice, not obligation. This is a vision that has been handed down through four generations of the Lavazza family, whilst keeping pace with the major historical and economic changes of each era. It is a vision that has enabled us to transform ethical awareness into a business strategy for economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Italian creativity has always inspired us to invent and innovate, but now our eyes are set on a new horizon: the world. Internationalisation is the challenge we are facing now. And it is one that will require our increasing engagement, to secure the financial strength and forward-looking approach that now, more than ever, are a pre-requisite for any company.

2015 is a special year for our company, full of important events:
as we celebrate our first 120 years in business,
we are also involved in Expo 2015 as
the Official Coffee of the Italian Pavilion.

These occasions will testify how our family and business values are still very much alive and heartfelt and how they translate into goals and results that, through this Sustainability Report, we want to share with everyone who is part of the Lavazza world or wants to get to know us better.

Perhaps just because they enjoyed one of the 17 billion cups of Italian Lavazza espresso served around the world each year.

Alberto Lavazza

Chairman, Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.

Sustainability Report 2014

Our sustainability pathway is based on a strategic approach designed to create value and increase our competitive advantage. It is a vision that the family has always believed in, because it reflects the basic principles behind our entrepreneurial approach.

At Lavazza, commitment to sustainability is an intrinsic value, which is not simply dictated by the market, but responds to a need to create shared value throughout the supply chain: it is an essential driving force for continuous improvement.
This Sustainability Report is a crucial instrument to provide all stakeholders with a transparent picture of our social, environmental and economic performances. Internally, all business units have promoted the company’s values by spreading our vision among staff.

Today, the importance of sustainability is recognised across all business areas.
This is an essential outcome, because it is precisely by building
a bridge between shareholders, management and employees,
that a truly sustainable company is created.

Externally, our approach is expressed through our approach towards stakeholders with whom we share our ethical principles, in a virtuous cycle that generates more value for everyone. Indeed, our brand value is also founded on Lavazza’s fair and responsible way of operating.

The challenge for 2015 is to further intensify our engagement in sustainability as a driver for innovation. The next decade will be absolutely crucial, because there can be no real growth if it is not responsible and sustainable – not only for companies, but for all of us.

Antonio Baravalle

Chief Executive Officer, Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.