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Innovation. Taste and experimentation.

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Our company was established in Via San Tommaso 10, the grocery shop of the founder, Luigi Lavazza.
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Coffee Design
Ferran Adrià's creativity and technical innovation, and the know-how of our Training Centre: these are the ingredients of his sought-after recipes.
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Training Centre
The world's largest coffee school tests new forms of taste.
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A place with a tale to tell: this is San Tommaso 10, the place where our story began back in 1895.

Here, at his grocery store in the heart of Turin, the company founder Luigi Lavazza laid the groundwork for our future. His passion for coffee, ongoing experimentation and the creation of the first blends marked a fully fledged revolution in the tastes and habits of consumers.

In 1995 — a century later — Lavazza reopened the doors of this historic venue, naming it San Tommaso 10: a coffee corner, an outstanding restaurant and a place to hone your tastes.

It is a laboratory where, just as in the past, the focus on research continues.
Taste the historic blends at the coffee corner.

Discover seasonal recipes created by our chefs in the restaurant. Try the new ideas invented by the Lavazza Training Center in collaboration with the top Italian and international chefs, like Ferran Adrià. Innovation by creating ever-new specialities devoted to coffee lovers.

And, above all, our coffee: our signature and our heart, linking past and future, and bringing together tradition and experimentation.

That is why San Tommaso 10 represents the symbol of excellence in coffee, a window into our world, a place that has maintained the spirit and passion of its founder and, above all, a perfect venue to offer a true and full coffee and taste experience.