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A focus on workers, a commitment to culture

Over the course of four generations, the Lavazza family’s values and its business approach have been transmitted consistently and enthusiastically to workers and now represent shared values among those working for the company.

The development of human resources is a strategic aspect for the pursuit of excellence. Growing as a company means helping people to develop personally and professionally.

Our tradition of transferring professional skills from experts to new employees has become systemic with the establishment of structured courses and tools for professional training and development.

The new Lavazza headquarters

Nuvola, the new Lavazza headquarters will be inaugurated in 2016. By investing € 100 million in this project, Lavazza aims to make a strong urban statement and, at the same time, to create a functional and innovative workplace for more than 500 employees. The new Lavazza office spaces were designed to promote new ways of working that stimulate teamwork, encourage the exchange of information, and strengthen multifunctionality with a view to fostering innovation and continuous improvement.

This project stands out for the active involvement of the stakeholders from the very earliest phases. In fact, local institutions and residents were involved in every stage of the project, helping to strengthen Lavazza’s link with the local area and people while respecting the values set forth in its code of ethics.

The new Headquarters will cover a floor space of 30,000 m2 of a redeveloped industrial area. It will be a building with low environmental impact designed by Studio Cino Zucchi e Associati and candidate to the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification of Gold Level.

Our focus on our staff and the creation of long-term relationships is reflected both in the percentage of employees with a permanent contract, which was 98% in 2014, and in the percentage reduction recorded in employee turnover during the 2012–2014 period (from 11.5% in 2012 to 7.3% in 2014).

We offer targeted training and development initiatives in order to develop peoples’ abilities and skills.

Training programmes were increased in 2014 to boost skills, while initiatives were launched to support innovation (Innovation Labs) and working platforms (interfunctional groups that work together to identify/develop the production plan).

To illustrate the increased investment in training activities, the hours of training provided during the 2012–2014 three-year period alone rose from 17,812 in 2012 to 22,892 in 2014.

Development projects

Leading Change Lavazza

Leading Change Lavazza

In the more general context of the change in progress, we implemented the Leading Change project in 2013 in order to structure talent management processes and to launch a number of engagement and communication initiatives in support of the change. Leading Change is based on three main lines: leadership focused on change, competencies and performance. 

Company Welfare

The diverse nature of the workforce requires the implementation of a bottom-up approach to ensure that everyone’s needs are listened to when defining a practical and efficient welfare plan. In this context, Lavazza has addressed welfare and benefits by initiating a process triggered by the conclusion of the Headquarters’ supplementary contract. Lavazza thus designed a participatory process with focus groups and a questionnaire involving all staff in the definition of a welfare plan.

Company Welfare