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From the raw material to tasting by experts

The excellence of Lavazza coffee is the result of a highly complex and specialised quality control system, which ranges from the careful selection of green coffee through to the tasting by our experts.

The establishment of a structured, organised system for coffee purchasing has allowed us to guarantee higher and more stable quality of our coffee, and, consequently, to create “excellence”. Lavazza’s approach to buying coffee goes beyond the requirements of the applicable regulations. The key elements are testing the product in the field and additional testing and validation procedures, carried out on 100% of the batches of coffee we buy.

We carry out quality controls which encompass all key parameters on 100% of the batches processed using standardised procedures, which respond to precise assessment and verification criteria, setting the frequency, control procedures and analytical parameters to be applied to the green coffee samples. In 2014, 6,489 analyses were performed on green coffee.