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Life cycle thinking

We are aware that the quality of organisational and production processes is what ensures quality coffee production on a daily basis. Quality, as a guiding principle, finds one of its highest expressions in the production processes.

Minimising the environmental impact
Minimising the environmental impact

To safeguard the high quality and sustainability standards of its products, Lavazza has, for several years, been evaluating the environmental performance of its major products, with a Life Cycle Assessment approach, in accordance with reference standards ISO 14040/ 14044 / 14064 / 14067. This will help quantify the impacts along the value chain and develop new solutions, which combine quality and product guarantee, innovation and eco-compatibility, increasing the awareness and commitment of all players involved in the supply chain.

The Code of Ethics and the Supplier Code of Conduct are used to convey and share our values throughout the entire supply chain. This effectively also includes aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility during the supplier selection phase.