Lavazza Alteco Bio Decaf

Decaffeinated, with velvety body and persistent flavor. Notes of dried fruit and aftertaste of chocolate.

  • Espresso Organic Blend
Lavazza presents its ORGANIC PROFESSIONAL RANGE- Alteco

Alteco means “Altitude”, in Esperanto, the language created to unite people.

This coffee also unites, with everyone agreeing on the high and authentic level of its taste.


Lavazza Alteco represents «the height/top of good and authentic coffee», with a blend of origins from

uncontaminated mountain plantations which practice organic farming and respect the principles of

environmental sustainability, according to the UTZ standards.


Lavazza has carefully selected top Arabica, blending them with quality Robusta, to create a range of

premium organic blends, environmentally friendly and skillfully roasted.

The coffee that is also good for the environment
We grow plants in harmony with nature, respecting environmental sustainability and the development of local communities.
Guaranteed quality
We preserve Alteco's quality by avoiding contact with non-cultivated beans.
Alteco is packaged, stored and shipped according to UTZ standards on organic blends.
Decaffeination via natural CO2 process
without chemical solvents, using exclusively carbon dioxide to fully preserve the sensory complexity of coffee.
A blend of fine organic origins, Decaffeinated via natural CO2 process
  • 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta


  • Central America


  • Settimo Torinese, Italy


Aromatic notes
Dried fruit
Roasting Delicate
Central America

It is from the peaks of Central America that Lavazza selected the best mountain Arabica to blend them with quality Robusta varieties, coming only from organic coffee farms. 

Lavazza Alteco is a premium organic blend, 100% organic and UTZ Certified. 






100% from organic farming


Everything is sourced from plantations where organic farming is practiced and environmental sustainability principles meet UTZ standards.