Smooth and sophisticated, with a strong body and notes of ripe fruit, honey and a caramel aftertaste.

From the collaboration between Lavazza and Slow Food

Etigua was born from the meeting of Ethiopia and Guatemala, from the fusion of Ethiopian pride with Guatemalan cheerfulness and the union of two unique areas – the Ethiopian Forest and the Huehuetenango Highlands. The blend is the product of the collaboration between Lavazza and Slow Food which combines safeguarding the Slow Food Area wityh Lavazza’s 120 years of blending expertise to create a falvoured coffee of dee, aromatic intensity, produced in limited quantity. Etigua is a creamy espresso, with good body, ripe fruit and honey aroma with final notes of caramel and biscuits. Etigua retains all its aromatic properties thanks to a process of roasting with discontinuous air, to make a homogeneous product, bean by bean. 

Etigua, the coffee that brings two cultures together
Different drying processes
In Ethiopia, the newly harvested cherries are dried in the sun on suspended nets; in Guatemala drying takes place after a careful fermentation process.
The same harvest
In both Ethiopia and Guatemala, the harvest is done using the handpicking method which consists of meticulously and manually selecting the best ripe berries.
The union makes the coffee
Etigua was born from the encounter of Ethiopia and Guatemala: it is the fusion of Ethiopian pride with Guatemalan cheerfulness.
From the combination of two coffee origins
  • 100% Arabica


  • Ethiopia and Guatemala


  • Settimo Torinese, Italy


Roasting with discontinuous air to preserve the aromas
Aromatic notes
Roasting Medium
Ethiopia and Guatemala

Etigua is a blend of Ethiopian coffee, that spontaneously grows in the shade of tall trees, and Huehuetenango, a Guatemalan altitude coffee cultivated at 1900 metres in the Cuchumatanes mountains, where the hot air currents of the Tehuantepec Isthmus allow the coffee cherries to perfectly ripen.