Industrial Compost FAQ 


  • In comparison with non compostable/traditionals Capsules, is the taste going to change?

    Taste never changes: the new Lavazza BLUE Compostable Capsules are the perfect solution in order to taste your favourite espresso without compromise in terms of quality, combining excellence, sustainability and innovation, that are the drivers of our business model. 

  • Is the in-cup profile consistent in time? For how long?

    Yes it is;  the unique in-cup profile of our blends is guaranteed in Lavazza BLUE Compostable Capsules thanks to the self protection technology that creates a barrier against oxygen and helps to preserve the aroma of coffee,  its quality and ensures an excellent tasting experience for all 14 months of shelf life. 

  • Which is Lavazza BLUE Compostable Capsules' shelf life, once the pack has been opened?

    Shelf life is indicated on the outer pack, and it does not change once the box is opened since the Compostable BLUE capsule is self protected.

  • Are there any particular storage conditions for Lavazza BLUE Compostable Capsules?

    It is recommended to store them in cool and dry place.


  • What material the Lavazza BLUE Compostable Capsules are made of?

    The body is made of a compostable bio-plastic, while the upper part (lid) is made of a multi-layer material, compostable as well.

  • How does the industrial composting plant work?

    Industrial composting plants process organic waste under controlled conditions, producing compost, that is a good soil fertilizer.

  • How long does it take before Lavazza BLUE Compostable Capsules become compost?

    Lavazza BLUE Compostable Capsules become compost in maximum 180 days, if correctly industrially composted. The whole process can be faster, depending on the characteristics of the industrial composting plant.

  • If local Authorities do not provide guidelines for the collection of organic waste, how should Lavazza BLUE Compostable Capsules be disposed?

    Customer must always check the local regulations about waste delivery. In case the separate collection of organic waste is not available, Lavazza BLUE Compostable Capsule must be thrown in the undifferentiated waste.


  • Which Certification do the Lavazza Compostable Capsules have?

    They have TUV AUSTRIA OK INDUSTIRAL COMPOST certification, in accordance to EN-13432 standard.

  • Why do the EN 13432 standard stands for (also called "compostability standard")?

    The EU standard specifies how the complete biodegradation of a package must be demonstrated. This proof must be provided for all components of the packaging (e.g. labels, inks, adhesives). Only products that can be shown to comply with the EN 13432 standard may be labelled with the protected markings. 

  • What does the EN 13432 standard say?

    The European Norm about compostability of packaging (EN 13432) requires (besides a clear and detailed description of the product) 4 tests:

    test on biodegradation (chemical break down of the polymer of fibres)

    test on disintegration (physically falling apart of the product in small fragments)

    test on ecotoxicity (test if the composted product does not exert any negative effect on plants)

    test on heavy metals content

  • Why is TÜV Austria the certifying body?

    At the European level, TÜV Austria is specialised in certifications for compostability and is one of the best organisations in this field.