Lavazza Blue LB 2500 Plus

The office coffee machine which allows you to create a multitude of creamy, milk-based recipes with a single touch.

The office becomes a small bar
The LB 2500 PLUS is the ideal BLUE machine to offer exquisite milk-based recipes, as well as excellent espresso, in small-medium-sized offices and commercial activities. Thanks to the preset selections, numerous recipes can be quickly and easily prepared at the touch of a button.
Size and weight
  • 260 mm
    LENGTH (L)
  • 400 mm
    DEPTH (D)
  • 470 mm
    HEIGHT (H)
  • 12 kg
Energy management
1450 W POWER
220-240 V AC VOLTAGE
Technical features
Rated power: 1450 W Material: ABS Water tank capacity: 3000 cc Operates exclusively with Lavazza BLUE single-dose capsules Manual capsule insertion Language setting (available: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch) Manageable via menu 6 backlit coffee, espresso and soluble product brewing keys Automatic ejection of the used capsule into the collector drawer Collector drawer for up to a maximum of 20 capsules
Automatic capsule counting system to monitor the collector drawer fill level Double cup rest to allow the insertion of a larger cup with flip-up top grille 400 cc container for soluble products Electronic temperature control for the coffee and soluble products Water-tank level monitored via floating sensor Electronic tally Integrated chip card reader for programming recipe doses and debit system Compartment key for water and soluble products Energy saving function Optional BRITA filter