LB 1200 Galactica

The first office coffee machine that makes cappuccinos and caffè macchiato using fresh milk.

Surprise: Fresh Milk!
Discover the coffee-break revolution: Ideal for office and business environments, LB 1200 Galactica is the coffee machine that uses fresh milk to create, simply and quickly, countless specialty drinks, just like in an authentic Italian coffee shop. Fitted with convenient milk frother and automatic cleaning system, for an exquisite coffee break.
Dimensions and Weight
  • 365 mm
    LENGTH (L)
  • 290 mm
    DEPTH (D)
  • 365 mm
    HEIGHT (H)
  • 8,7 kg
Energy Management
1000 W POWER
220 – 240 V VOLTAGE
50 – 60 Hz FREQUENCY
Technical features
Water tank capacity 3000 cc Functions exclusively with Lavazza Espresso Blue capsules Manual capsule loading Graphic display 8 backlit buttons (3 buttons to brew a preset dose of espresso and long espresso coffee and brew a free dose of espresso 1 button to dispense cold beverages 3 buttons to brew a cappuccino, a latte macchiato and a chocolate flavoured drink 1 button to wash the coffee unit/cleanse the mixer) Adjustable cup-support rack for use with large cups Automatic steam-cleaning of the mixer unit Automatic ejection of used capsules into the drawer Electronic system to check when the used cartridges drawer is full
Electronic coffee temperature control Water tank level control via floating sensor Preparation for My Charge Lavazza decounter Energy saving Optional BRITA filter Material: PC Double boiler to optimize coffee and steam temperature Drawer holds up to 17 used capsules Integrated milk frother