Excellence with zero CO₂ impact

Our coffee could not be entirely excellent without caring of its carbon footprint. But our products are crafted with zero CO₂ impact. Now it is pure excellence.

Excellence with zero CO₂ impact

The new Lavazza Capsules Compatible with Nespresso* Original machines

are our first Co₂-neutral aluminium capsules offering the Real Lavazza espresso experience and the unique aromas and flavours of your favourite blend.

An Italian excellent quality coffee in an excellent zero Co₂ impact capsules.


* Note: Lavazza is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso    

The new Lavazza CO₂ Neutral Capsules 

Our carbon neutrality approach starts by reducing emissions along Lavazza's entire value chain. In 2020 we began our journey by offsetting direct emissions and achieving complete CO₂ emissions compensation.

This is part of our bigger commitment toward sustainability named Blend for Better. It embraces many projects following the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for 2030 in 4 key areas: Care for the environment, Spin a virtuous cycle, Open up opportunities and Educate for change.


What does it concretely mean?    

Our carbon neutrality approach starts by reducing emissions. As we are conscious that all emissions cannot be reduced at once, Lavazza uses carbon offsetting on the residual emissions by supporting a project in Perù aimed to protect the Madre de Dios forests from the pressure of human settlement. We offset our annual carbon emissions in relation to the volumes of capsules produced, that are equivalent to the following examples:

3.418.616.717 KM by car
3.418.616.717 KM by car

Hard to calculate? It means 12 round trips Earth-Sun by car. 

 1.081.130 round trips Paris-NY per passenger
1.081.130 round trips Paris-NY per passenger

Just imagine how many kilometres can take!    

288.119.225 reams of paper produced
288.119.225 reams of paper produced

To get the idea: It’s like you cover the globe’s circumference with reams. 

Product Life Cycle      

The Lavazza’s CO₂-neutral capsules includes the offsetting of emissions produced throughout the life cycle of the product, from the cultivation of coffee to the end of its life through all stages of production, transport and disposal.    

<p>1. Coffee supply    </p>

1. Coffee supply    

We offset all the emissions related to the amount of coffee produced and processed at every stage of the supply chain.

<p>2.&nbsp;Packaging&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>

2. Packaging      

We offset the emissions related to the production, transportation and manufacturing needed to create packaging.    

<p>3. Production &amp; delivery    </p>

3. Production & delivery    

We offset all the emissions related to the production processes through which raw materials are transformed into final product.

<p>4. Distribution    </p>

4. Distribution    

We offset the emissions linked to the distribution of the final product from the production plant till all the distribution centers.

<p>5. Use</p>

5. Use

We offset the emission related to the consumption of the final product ( e.g. energy of the coffee machines).

<p>6. End of life    </p>

6. End of life    

We offset the emission related to all the steps through which the final product is disposed (e.g. packaging and coffee disposal according to each country’s specific regulatory and operative framework).

CO₂ Neutrality, we’re on the way    

Lavazza is one of the top players of agri-food industry in the world. That’s why producing our best coffee quality is just a part of our mission, because it would be nothing without considering how we do that.
Our commitment is doing the best we can to use sustainable resources, ensure fair work lives to coffee cultivators and, of course, reduce CO₂ emissions in our supply chain. Let’s go together.

A mission encapsulated 

Lavazza brings to life a new concept of coffee.  Our new capsules with Co₂ emissions entirely compensated and crafted by our Masters of blending to create pure excellence.