Goal 0

Lavazza’s aim:

to act as an ambassador for the 17 goals


In 2017, Lavazza decided to embrace the challenge issued by the United Nations, to pursue the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development.


In addition to carrying out an in-depth analysis of its own impact on the various Goals, Lavazza wanted to set up a programme to engage its stakeholders.


This engagement programme was ongoing throughout 2018 and was given the name "Goal Zero".


Sustainability affects everybody, and strength lies in unity. For this reason, Lavazza has set itself the ambitious target of making people feel that they are at the centre of this challenge, bringing them as close as possible to the issues raised by the 17 Goals.


Lavazza 2018, the work of the artist Platon, titled “2030: What are you doing?”, was dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals and represented the starting point for the activities focussed on “Goal Zero”.
TOward 2030
The “TOward 2030” project, uses art as a means of communicating with communities in areas where Lavazza has a presence.
Generation 2030
Finally, Lavazza played an active role in the ASviS (Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development) Festival, organising a national event called “Generation 2030”.
2030: what are WE doing?
An internal communication plan for Lavazza Group employees with the programme, “2030: what are WE doing?”

Lavazza and Youth for SDGs

A Global Goals Contest especially for university students The university students involved in the “Lavazza and Youth for SDGs” contest took centre stage at the event, held by Lavazza to promote the Sustainable Development Goals.


The winning team was a group of students from the University of Bari, who presented a project aimed at teaching coffee-producing communities how to grow mushrooms from coffee waste.