Goal 0. Spread the message
Ernest Zacharevic

Via Tarino 14

Goal Zero aims to promote and spread awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals.

For centuries, sculptures have represented ideologies and rulers from certain eras. These monuments have been torn down and replaced in times of political and religious change, with the new works in their place serving as a reminder of these changes.

Art in public spaces mirrors our understanding of life, reflecting the relationship with our communities and the surrounding environment. Art is no longer a symbol of political or religious power; it has become the voice of the people, communicating culture and values, that defines our generation.

We live in a time where we are making steps towards equality and more voices are being heard. New generations are more active and oppose leaders, calling for more transparency and action. Our impact goes beyond country borders, religious beliefs and personal interest. We are a global, united community and, therefore, we are responsible for the well-being of everyone. 

The United Nations’ Global Goals are political and social aims that represent the interest of the whole planet and generations to come. I was invited to act as the ambassador for Goal Zero as part of the TOward 2030 What are you doing? project - a Lavazza initiative that was inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which highlights the need to make people aware of the concept of sustainability. My hope is that these murals will become a monument to the strength that drives change, a warning for everyone.

TOward 2030 What Are You Doing? is a project conceived by Lavazza and the City of Turin, with the aim of promoting and spreading awareness of the United Nations’ Global Goals through Street Art: 18 artists have given their interpretation of the 17 + 1 Global Goals, bringing art and sustainability together.


Technical Sponsor: Boero Paint


Accommodation: Boston Art Hotel Turin