12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Via Mantova 29

Goal 12 aims to ensure sustainable models of production and consumption.

We thought about paper as a substance that represents human production from natural raw materials; a substance that symbolises a positive relationship (for its use and recyclability) and a negative one (overproduction, waste, the consumption of wood and therefore trees) at the same time. 


For us, the paper aeroplane evokes a carefree feeling, and there is a double meaning here too: a positive one, linked to playing games, and a negative one in terms of a lack of awareness and “incorrect” use.

Obviously, the fire is the element that represents an emergency, focusing our attention on something that is about to be destroyed. Right now, this is connected to the ongoing situation with forests being burned to make way for industrial production. The inclusion of the contour lines to suggest a map emphasises the question of territory, and its abuse.


So, the image aims to represent the gap between how a product is used (which then determines demand and production), and the effect that this use has on the system and on the environment.


This light-hearted, carefree attitude is reflected in this approach, in this gesture which is, again, so carefree in the face of its large-scale repercussions; while at the same time it reminds us of the carefree light-heartedness of children, an experience that would also await future generations if we were not currently risking allowing it to slip away. 

TOward 2030 What Are You Doing? is a project conceived by Lavazza and the City of Turin, with the aim of promoting and spreading awareness of the United Nations’ Global Goals through Street Art: 18 artists have given their interpretation of the 17 + 1 Global Goals, bringing art and sustainability together.


Technical Sponsor: Boero Paint


Accommodation: Boston Art Hotel Turin