13. Climate Action

Via Parma 24

Goal 13 encourages the adoption of urgent measures to combat climate change and its consequences.

I took part in TOward 2030 What are you doing? project with the intention to use painting as a way of depicting the enormous loss of biodiversity that is currently affecting humanity.


This mural shows dozens of dead butterflies, native to Piedmont and all of Italy, Europe and other continents. 


Over the last century, our planet’s butterfly population has decreased dramatically, falling by over 80%.


The most iconic butterfly species in the world, the monarch (Danaus plexippus), is famous for its incredible migration, covering thousands of kilometres from Mexico to North America. In recent decades, its population has dropped by over 90%.


This global extinction is a serious warning, directly linked to the climate changes we are witnessing today.


Who doesn’t love butterflies? Who isn’t entranced by their colours, their elegance and the deep mystery surrounding their metamorphosis?


Our gaze is naturally attracted by the intensely blue wings of the morpho butterfly (Morpho Menelaus), the sole survivor on top of a pile of its dead companions.


This tragedy is something that affects me deeply, and I hope that my art will be able to give a voice to all of these silent extinctions. It is an attempt to bring humankind face-to-face with its responsibilities, here in the heart of Turin, one of the world’s most symbolic cities. We must face up to the consequences of our modern lifestyle, which is directly linked to this tragic phenomenon.

TOward 2030 What Are You Doing? is a project conceived by Lavazza and the City of Turin, with the aim of promoting and spreading awareness of the United Nations’ Global Goals through Street Art: 18 artists have given their interpretation of the 17 + 1 Global Goals, bringing art and sustainability together.


Technical Sponsor: Boero Paint


Accommodation: Boston Art Hotel Turin