16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Corso Moncalieri 61

Goal 16 promotes more inclusive and peaceful societies for sustainable development. It aims to offer access to justice for all and encourages the building of effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. 

I used the image of the elephant to invite reflection on some of the implications surrounding poaching and the ivory trade.


Not many people are aware of the close links between arms smuggling, the exploitation of prostitution, the trafficking of children and the illegal ivory trade; but all of these activities contribute to financing wars.


The elephant is swimming. This pose is intended to encourage discussion on the consequences of rising sea levels: as this phenomenon intensifies, the number of people who are forced to emigrate will increase.


In the future, there will be an ever greater need to be at peace with one another, and to welcome those who will be forced to leave their home countries.

TOward 2030 What Are You Doing? is a project conceived by Lavazza and the City of Turin, with the aim of promoting and spreading awareness of the United Nations’ Global Goals through Street Art: 18 artists have given their interpretation of the 17 + 1 Global Goals, bringing art and sustainability together.


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