6. Clean Water and

Viale Virgilio/Botanic Garden

Goal 6 aims to guarantee the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation facilities for all.

This picture represents the universal need for access to clean water and sanitation. The figure features some traditional Polynesian symbols known as “Lau Hala”, and represents the concept of unity.


The blue drops symbolise vital, clean water, and also evoke the idea of tears as a reference to the urgent need to achieve this goal, given the current suffering being experienced and the unavailability of this resource.


The emotional intensity highlights the huge importance that water has for human life all over the world, and the repercussions that a lack of water has on the lives of many human beings.


TOward 2030 What Are You Doing? is a project conceived by Lavazza and the City of Turin, with the aim of promoting and spreading awareness of the United Nations’ Global Goals through Street Art: 18 artists have given their interpretation of the 17 + 1 Global Goals, bringing art and sustainability together.

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