the project

The 2019 Lavazza calendar focuses on concrete commitments by humans, whose intervention on the environment has turned into a positive gesture, generating improvements.

Lavazza strongly believes
that communicating positive stories is a way to inspire virtuous behavior

This is where the role of UN Environment fits in: a partnership with Lavazza that covers six projects about reforestation, biodiversity protection, conversion of industrial zones into green areas. A testimony to show that there is still something good on Earth.

To tell a visually surprising story about the spirit of this work, Lavazza involved Ami Vitale, a National Geographic photographer, and six "nature artists" known internationally for their ability to create works integrated into the territory and in symbiosis with the environment.

We strive
to be in tune with nature

all over the world
january Saype discover his work
february Colombia Breathes! discover the project
march Mantra discover his work
april From the shores
of the Kenya
to the world
discover the project
june The Genk revolution:
from industrial
to environmental
discover the project
august Green means stop
for the desert
discover the project
september Gomez discover his work
october Saving the ecosystem,
one tree at
a time
discover the project
november Hula discover his work
december A spectacle
that melts
the heart
discover the project