Saype’s Italian debut with the Beyond Walls project


On 1st October 2020, Turin welcomed the latest edition of Beyond Walls: the Land Art project supported by the Lavazza Group in collaboration with the municipality of Turin and the Royal Museums, and the work of French-Swiss artist Saype.

The largest human chain on the planet

"Only together, hand in hand, will we be able to overcome the greatest challenges of our time". Saype




Within the spellbinding setting of the Archaeological Park at Turin’s Palatine Gate, the artist has brought to life a work of art that sprawls over 6,000 sqm, a celebration of solidarity, resilience and respect for the environment that figuratively connects the city of Turin with the rest of the world. In fact, the aim of the Beyond Walls project, begun by Saype in June 2019, is to symbolically create the largest human chain on the planet. The enormous paintings on grass show hands that are intertwined, symbolically clasped, reaching across the walls that separate human beings and enclosing them within mental or geographical compartments.


This is an ephemeral work of art: the technique invented by Saype for painting on grass using completely biodegradable colours reduces environmental impact to a minimum, fading over time as the grass goes through its normal growth cycle.

The Beyond Walls project in Turin also boasts Saype’s first solo show in Italy, which is on display in the Sabauda Gallery of Turin’s Royal Museums and can be visited until 13 April 2021.


From Turin to the world

 Following Paris, Berlin, the Monument to National Heroes in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso and Turin,  Beyond Walls has kept going with the aim of  welcoming over twenty different cities around the world  into one vast human chain. In fact, after the Istanbul edition, Saype returned once more to Africa, specifically Cape Town, to spread his message to all 5 continents.


 Saype is an undisputed pioneer in the land art movement, along with the team of childhood friends who join him in travelling the world and creating, spreading universal messages of hope through positive works of art. He is clear about his objective: "Only together, hand in hand, will we be able to overcome the greatest challenges of our time".

The New Humanity.

The 2021 Lavazza


The Beyond Walls - Oltre i Muri artwork by Saype is an element of The New Humanity, the project that has given its title to the new 2021 Lavazza CalendarThe New Humanity takes a positive view of the future, seeking to redefine the relationship between individuals and the community beginning by placing the things that Lavazza has always valued at the centre: the environment, sustainability, diversity, and respect for people.