Lavazza is not only the excellence of Italian coffee, It is the best Italian coffee experience in all its shapes. 



It is an infinite history of quality, taste and innovation, starting from Turin and reaching the rest of the world.

The coffee experience offered by Lavazza is not only the Italian version of local coffees, but the celebration of all coffee preparations and consumptions, created and interpreted by the leader of Italian espresso. 



Everywhere you are and whatever is your way of drinking coffee, with Lavazza you can always find your «more than Italian» coffee to fall in love with.




Whatever your way of drinking coffee, Lavazza has something perfect for you. 


Qualità Oro,
the historical Lavazza blend, can become a bold, tall mug  if prepared with the French press.


What makes this 100% Arabica coffee special is the highly aromatic and refined flavour.  Its sweet taste, mitigated by notes of flowers and fruit,  makes for the perfect everyday habit.