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When was the Lavazza Foundation born and what does it do?

To coordinate, manage and effectively implement economic, social and environmental sustainability projects in coffee-producing countries, in 2004, Lavazza established the Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza Foundation. Ever since, the Foundation has been promoting and financing, independently or both through public and private collaborations, numerous sustainability projects in the countries of coffee origin. The projects supported by the Lavazza Foundation primarily aim to improve the production yield and quality of coffee, while promoting the entrepreneurship of producers and the improvement of their living conditions.

What are the main areas of work of the Lavazza Foundation?

The main areas of work to achieve the Foundation's objectives are:

  • spreading good agricultural practices that promote greater coffee quality and respect for the environment;
  • supporting coffee producers to allow them to set up and manage their own organizations: such as associations, cooperatives or companies;
  • promoting gender equality within families and communities;
  • enhancing the work of the younger generations, through training programs;
  • promoting the diversification of production;
  • supporting reforestation;
  • spreading agricultural techniques that allow producers to respond effectively to the effects of climate change;
  • Introducing a technological component to support coffee cultivation techniques.

How does the Lavazza Foundation choose the projects to support?

The projects chosen by the Lavazza Foundation must pursue aims of promoting economic development or social utility in the coffee sector that have an impact on one or more Sustainable Development Goals, such as:

  • the improvement of the living conditions of coffee-producing communities (Goal 8, UN Agenda 2030);
  • the promotion of good agricultural practices resilient to climate change (Goal 13, UN Agenda 2030);
  • strengthening the role of women within the families of the producing communities (Goal 5, UN Agenda 2030);
  • the valorization of young people (Goal 4, UN Agenda 2030);
  • the implementation of practices aimed at reforestation (Goal 15, UN Agenda 2030).

Do the proceeds from Lavazza ¡Tierra! range sales contribute to supporting the Foundation's initiatives?

No, there is an independent annual financing of Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. to Lavazza Foundation for the implementation of sustainability projects in the producing countries, independent and unrelated to the proceeds of product sales.

What is the philosophy behind the ¡Tierra! range?

Lavazza ¡Tierra! is a range of high-quality coffees: the perfect combination of excellence in taste and sustainable cultivation. Through ¡Tierra!, Lavazza communicates its focus on sustainable coffee growing methods that respect the growing communities and the local environment.