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Conversation, sharing, but above all ACTION. CARE’s 2019 comes to Brunico.

29-03-2018 • Events

Sustainability can not be just in the mind of a few players, it must be in the hands of those who want to make a difference every day. The 2019 edition will be the “CARE’s of doing”. In the Puster Valley from 28th-31st March.


Brunico, 28-31 March 2019


Following the success of the previous editions, from 28th to 31st March CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days returns to South Tyrol, the place where a harmonious mixture of stories, languages and cultures meets the natural landscape of the Dolomites: this unique landscape was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and this was no accident.


There are several new features concerning this year’s edition.


A new location. From the Val Badia to the nearby Puster Valley, more specifically in the award- winning district of Kronplatz, Brunico. Here, the mountain creates a natural border, dividing the Val Badia from the Puster Valley and the Alps from the Dolomites. One can enjoy a striking view from Lienz to the whole Ahrntal.
A new time of year. The event has been shifted from the first month of winter to the first days of spring, when the days start to get longer, allowing the beholder to enjoy the breath-taking scenery of this plateau.
New days. The event is scheduled for the weekend in order to encourage even greater participation.


Many brand-new activities linked to the topic of ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS are also planned, in order to highlight the importance of “doing” – rather than just discussing – in the field of environmental sustainability. As was the case for the last edition, this leitmotiv will not only concern small local businesses, but also larger companies and institutions engaged with environmental protection and protecting communities.


Among those big businesses will be also Audi, which is the title sponsor of CARE’s and has been supporting it from the first event. Audi is promoting the Road to zero emissions strategy in the Alpine region and is proactively committed to the development of sustainable mobility, which consists of implementing Audi’s public electric charging station among other things. The “Four Rings” car company will present the new Audi e-tron at CARE’s, the first of the Audi e-tron family, which will number 12 all-electric cars by 2025. Adequate for sport, family and leisure time, it is a zero-emission SUV that lays the foundations for the mobility of the future.


The topic of sustainability will be treated in its manifold respects starting primarily from the kitchen: respect for nature and seasonality, waste reduction and reuse of waste, always under the guidance of the basic principle of “doing” – ethics.

The beating heart of CARE’s will, as usual, be the chefs. This year 30 chefs from 13 different countries all over the world with 28 Michelin stars between them are invited and they will carry the main responsibility: to spread these values and translate them into a universal language capable of speaking to the social, economic and cultural spheres. In addition to three Michelin stars chef Norbert Niederkofler, who was the first to promote CARE’s, together with his sous chef Michele Lazzarini and his pastry chef Andrea Tortora, there will also be prominent individuals such as David Kinch, who has by now become a regular guest of CARE’s and Dominique Crenn, the first woman in the United States to be awarded a Michelin star. Furthermore, there will be Paolo Casagrande with his passion for the Basque tradition, Clayre Smith and Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, who are enterprising innovators in the field of gastronomy. Other prominent names from the guest list are Jason Bangerter, Manoella Buffara, Martina Caruso, Lorenzo Cogo, Diego Crosara, Fabio Currelli, Pino Cuttaia, Luca Fantin, Alfio Ghezzi, Robin Gill, Tomaž Kavcic, Claudio Melis, Giancarlo Morelli, Valeria Margherita Mosca, Michele Nardelli, Hans Neuner, Davide Oldani, Marco Perez, Alex Sallustio, Phillip Sigwart, Tomek Kinder and Jock Zonfrillo. This characteristic group of ‘ethical chefs’ will discuss their principles, practices and the different aspects of tradition in order to pass on their enthusiasm and promote a lifestyle which is nowadays increasingly gaining ground in many fields.


They will be joined by professional food critics and experts from the most diverse sectors. They were invited to provide an optimal platform for sharing ideas, debate and collaboration. The common goal is to foster small everyday actions to initiate real change on a global level.


The natural landscape where CARE’s 2019’s headquarter is located represents this year’s added value. A new place dedicated to food culture perches atop the summit of Kronplatz, 2,275 metres above sea level from where it is possible to look down on the town of Brunico. The AlpiNN is the latest project of Chef Norbert Niederkofler in collaboration with Paolo Ferretti, who together have also already created CARE’s through Mo-Food. AlpiNN-Food Space & Restaurant was conceived as the home of Cook the Mountain, the philosophy of the South Tyrolean chef, which also focusses on local cuisine and food sustainability. The restaurant is perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape thanks to its structure that makes it look as if it were suspended in the void and the interiors designed by the careful pen of Martino Gamper. The South Tyrolean eco- designer – who is now living in London – is a point of reference for sustainable planning and for this particular occasion came up with a unique concept, which is able to reflect the most authentic spirit of this area. The staff comprises a team of young chefs who have been educated according to the ethical and sustainable approach of their master Niederkofler and remain faithful to his principles.


AlpiNN has found its home inside the LUMEN, Museum of Mountain Photography, which will also host some of the events organised by CARE’s inside its large exhibition spaces. This museum will be an integral part of the setting of this year’s edition with its pictures portraying the love for the mountains and its architecture that is perfectly immersed in the landscape.

The programme of CARE’s 2019 will centre around the dinners cooked by the guest chefs and will also feature four main activities: the CARE’s Talk, the Crossing Experience, the Talent Awards and the guided visits.



For Friday evening’s dinner we planned a brief return to the cornerstone St. Hubertus in the Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano, the restaurant where Chef Niederkofler was awarded his three Michelin stars. Famous chefs will embrace the concept of “taking care” with the objective of creating a menu that combines action, practice and innovation without neglecting taste. The next evening will be introduced by the colours of sunset that characterise the view from the AlpiNN. The last evening of the CARE’s 2019 edition will take place here with the dinner named At the Top CARE’s dinner. The chefs featured over these three days will explain, through the dishes listed in the menu, about how their approach, their ethical way of thinking and their bond to the territory is inherent in the small actions of their everyday behaviour.




The first contribution offered by the CARE’s 2019 edition will be marked by the words of Reinhold Messner – a global mountaineering icon – who will talk about his personal experience of “doing” and his passion for the mountains. Perfectly aligned with the topics touched on during this event, the South Tyrolean climber will explain how “alpinism means going to places where no one has ever been before, acting under our own responsibility and making decisions on how to climb. How you do it is much more important than how fast, how high or how far you get.”


CHEFS IN ACTION Crossing Experience


In Norbert Niederkofler’s opinion, teaching young people is a very important aspect of education about environmental sustainability. That is the reason why he came up with a new project this year that directly involves students of the Catering College of Brunico. The chef himself will personally pick the most talented students, who will be guided by some of CARE’s chefs. A collaborative experience will give the students the opportunity to learn techniques, secrets and listen to the point of view of those who have already trodden the path of ethical cooking. This experience will be translated into something concrete: the dishes listed in Saturday’s evening dinner. This activity will be enriched by discussions with the guest chefs Jock Zonfrillo, David Kinch, Dominique Crenn and Lara Gilmore who will talk about their ethical and sustainable projects, created to obtain maximum possible quality with minimum waste.




Among those who have participated in the Crossing Experience, the two best cookery students and the two best students from the waiting service will be chosen by a special jury and awarded the Young Ethical Chef Award (sponsored by Monograno Felicetti) and the Young Ethical Hospitality Award (sponsored by Ferrari Trento). The Young Ethical Awards are not something new to CARE’s, but how they will be presented marks a significant step forward for the education of younger people. In fact, these awards are based on collaboration with a local educational institution and practical experience, which entails the mentor chefs preparing the dinner together with the students. Another way of affirming the CARE’s of “doing” will finally happen through the presentation of the last prize, the Social Responsibility Award (sponsored by Marchesi 1824), the award appointed to businesses or professionals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the principles of sustainability that are so dear to this event. Among the other contributions the sustainability project CHIC RESPECT will be presented too. This involves professionals from

CHIC-Charming Italian Chef together with some producers. This project comprises the creation of a “Respect” dish or menu in which the choice of raw materials is based on the repercussions that its production cycle has on the environment, on animal and plant species and humans.




This year’s scheduled visits to the most successful local businesses will include places that are linked to tradition. The visits on offer start with a lunch at the Cantine Ferrari in Trento, where a trip through the history of the traditional method will be offered with an aperitif in the Villa Marcon, a mansion that dates back to the 16th century and is one of the most lavish buildings of the region. Retuning to South Tyrol, different excursions will be proposed, ranging from the romantic Maso delle Erbe in Montevila, a small farm where more than fifty types of medicinal herbs are cultivated for various purposes and the processing techniques have been handed down from generation to generation, to more unusual places, such as the underground Stockner’s Genuss Bunker, an old World War I bunker that was reconstructed as a warehouse where cheese is processed and matured. Also linked to gastronomy, the last visit will be to the Speck Museum, which is situated in the charming city centre of Brunico and represents a marvellous experience for the senses of sight and smell. The visit will end with a tasting of artisanal products. In addition, there will be guided visits at the aforementioned LUMEN Museum, the museum of mountain photography, and at the MMM-Messner Mountain Museum Corones, which is an architectural expression of landscape integration and respect built by Zaha Hadid and is able to offer its visitors a unique experience of mountaineering. 


CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days is a project conceived by Norbert Niederkofler, Michelin-starred chef of the restaurant St. Hubertus (Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano) and Paolo Ferretti, owner of the communications agency hmc in Bolzano.
The 2019 edition in the Puster Valley is realised thanks to the support of Audi as title sponsor; in addition to main sponsors Brunico/Plan de Corones-Südtirol, BWT-Best Water Technology, Ferrari, Lavazza, Marchesi 1824, Miele, Monograno Felicetti, Stone Island and Agrimontana, Levoni, Niederbacher, Prime Uve, Pompadour, Schönhuber Franchi as event partners.