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Nuvola is Lavazza’s new headquarters in Turin, which opened on 8 June 2018. With an area of 30,000 square metres, Nuvola Lavazza has redefined the zone between the streets of Via Bologna, Largo Brescia, Corso Palermo and Via Ancona, while retaining the existing industrial architecture. With its Museum, Piazza and the La Centrale Events venue, it stands ready to show visitors a new way to experience Turin life.

A constantly evolving location

Nuvola Lavazza, designed by architect Cino Zucchi, is a physical manifestation of the company’s history and values. This is not just an office complex: Nuvola Lavazza in Turin is also an ecosystem of spaces, which is open to the district, the city and the world.

Here, conviviality, ritualism, culture and innovation come together in harmony, respecting the value of time and offering shared experiences of quality.

The different spaces of Nuvola Lavazza in Turin

<p>La Centrale at Nuvola Lavazza</p>

La Centrale at Nuvola Lavazza

A flexible and adaptable area of 1,400 sqm, capable of hosting cultural, entertainment, culinary and business occasions: a new way to experience Turin life.

<p>Nuvola Lavazza Museum</p>

Nuvola Lavazza Museum

An experiential journey into the world of coffee, through five themed areas: Casa Lavazza, The Fabbrica, The Piazza, The Atelier, The Universo. All rounded off with an exclusive Coffee Experience to taste special Coffee Design recipes and original coffee-based cocktails.

<p>The Garden Piazza</p>

The Garden Piazza

The garden piazza, dotted with trees, greenery and white granite benches, which follow the wide-open spaces and sinuous lines of the buildings, is free to all visitors without the need to enter the Museum. 

<p>Archaeological Area</p>

Archaeological Area

The remains of an early Christian Basilica and a necropolis revealed during excavations for the construction of the Headquarters. 

<p>Nuvola Lavazza Headquarters</p>

Nuvola Lavazza Headquarters

The Lavazza Headquarters building, designed and planned by Cino Zucchi, was constructed with the very best household technologies, favouring an interplay between the inside and the outside, and between the different indoor areas, with open spaces, meeting rooms, relaxation rooms and the gym. 


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Nuvola Lavazza in Turin offers its spaces for use in personalised tours, parties with DJ sets, gatherings, trade fairs, gala dinners, birthday and graduation celebrations, as well as coffee and food experiences, all in a unique and atmospheric setting.


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