The Garden Piazza

An open space for citizens


The spaces opened to the public by the Nuvola Lavazza project culminate in the large Garden-Piazza, which acts as a bridge between the historic and new buildings of the Nuvola block, creating a new pedestrian connection between Via Ancona and Via Bologna, along the axis previously intersected by Via Parma. The atrium of the new Lavazza centre is an open internal space that connects the central square with the entrance to the offices and the Lavazza Museum, towards Piazzale Brescia.

The seats in the square consist of long benches in Sardinian white granite that rise from the ground in sinuous lines that define the paths and create intimate places of rest near the gardens. A central fountain contributes to the micro climate, sheltered from the noise and visual clutter of the city.

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For the time being, there are no available events in the Nuvola Lavazza Piazza

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Nuvola Lavazza in Turin can offer its spaces for use in personalised tours, parties with DJ sets, gatherings, trade fairs, book launches, conventions, corporate meetings, workshops, and coffee and food experiences: all in a unique and atmospheric setting.


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