Lavazza’s Historical Archive

120 years of history.


Lavazza’s Historical Archive, located on the top floor of the Museum, houses and showcases material connected to coffee culture and the history of the company, thanks to the tireless digitisation and research efforts of Promemoria, an Italian company that specialises in recovering, preserving and showcasing every aspect of the historical materials of large companies, institutions and collectors.


The Museum celebrates the Lavazza family and over 120 years of the company’s history with an itinerary in which everyday objects and documents sit side by side with works of art, inspired by coffee and the espresso: from the column-style coffee machines of the Belle Époque to late 19th-century documents; from sporting memorabilia to Lavazza’s picture cards; and from the characters of the TV show “Carosello” to the costumes and items used for the Calendars.



News from Lavazza’s Historical Archive

From Lavazza’s Historical Archive

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Lavazza’s Historical Archive
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