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Lavazza’s first large-scale communication project


An Illustrated Encyclopaedia”: this is how Lavazza’s Picture Cards were described. For over twenty years, their text and images – produced by schoolteachers and illustrators – shone a light on a wide variety of topics.


Each series consisted of 6 front-and-back cards, to be collected and kept in special albums. A Lavazza slogan would feature on the back, persuading customers to purchase a newly launched blend or extolling the quality of the product using the language and customs of the time. They were aimed at a domestic, Italian market in which Lavazza would become the leader in the decades to follow.





The tradition was born in 1867 in Paris marking the occasion of the World Fair and would quickly become one of the most widely used means of advertising across Europe, as well as a highly valuable educational tool and a collector’s item, which it remains today.





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