Guided Tour of the Archaeological Area at the Lavazza Museum

This important discovery dating from the 4–5th century is available for guided tours led by specialist archaeologists for groups of up to 26 participants. 

The archaeological site

In 2014, excavation work at Nuvola Lavazza unearthed the ancient ruins of an early Christian basilica, between the streets of Corso Palermo and Via Ancona. Dating back to the second half of the 4–5th century AD, this archaeological area covers around 1,600 square metres. The single-nave church may have been dedicated to the martyred Saint Secundus, whose remains were brought inside the city walls during the Saracen invasion at the start of the 10th century. 

Two audio-visual guides in Italian and English, along with plastic models obtained from 3D digital renderings of the site contours, kick off the guided tour and propose a possible reconstruction of the burial complex during its main historical milestones. It also shows how the early Christian basilica has been integrated into the original architectural design of Nuvola Lavazza, thanks to Cino Zucchi.


The tour of the Lavazza Archaeological Area is enhanced and enriched by the items discovered during the excavation, on display in a long showcase under the window. Their history, intertwined with that of the site, is narrated here to shine a spotlight on curious details and provide useful chronological links. The information panels positioned along the itinerary give a detailed illustration of the issues pertaining to the structures that can be seen from each of their locations.

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Expert archaeologists and art historians are waiting to accompany you on a discovery of the ancient Basilica di San Secondo, rediscovered during the construction of Nuvola Lavazza. Book your guided tour of the Archaeological Area at the Lavazza Museum now. 


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Area inaccessible for people with impaired mobility.


Visits to Lavazza’s Archaeological Area are exclusively by prior booking. A minimum of 15 participants is required. Prices include accompaniment by a professional guide inside the Archaeological Area.


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