Group bookings and information

How and when to visit the Lavazza Museum

We are happy to have the opportunity to share our history and cultural heritage with private groups, school groups and university groups. The Lavazza Museum provides a group booking service for groups of 15 to 26 participants. 

The Lavazza Museum offers activities for schools, and workshops and events dedicated to families and children to explore coffee culture and the history of the company in depth. Each visit ends with a tasting of recipes from Coffee Design.


Who are our activities aimed at?

Our range of educational activities caters to different school levels and covers a variety of themes.

 Together, we create tailored workshops and educational sessions for a positive and engaging trip to the museum.

<p>Primary schools</p>

Primary schools

<p>Lower secondary schools</p>

Lower secondary schools

<p>People with sensory impairments</p>

People with sensory impairments

<p>People with motor and cognitive impairments</p>

People with motor and cognitive impairments

<p>Children accompanied by adults</p>

Children accompanied by adults


Are you a school or cooperative business organisation?

You can find all the information you need here.

Book your visit

Booking is mandatory for groups and recommended for individual admissions. Individuals can make bookings directly on our website. Groups can write to


For information or bookings


Tel. 011 2179621 (from Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 18:00)

You can also find extra services at the Lavazza Museum

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<p>Photography is allowed<br> 

Photography is allowed

<p>Coffee Experience<br> 

Coffee Experience



<p>Guided tours*<br> 

Guided tours*