To mark the occasion of Archivissima 2020, the Festival dedicated to the Historical Archives, spectators can enjoy the premiere of the video podcast produced by the Lavazza Museum and Historical Archive for the Night of the Archives on 5 June: when the archives involved in the initiative shared their contents, memories of the past, and essential pillars for the future.


Lavazza’s contribution is a story introduced by Antonella Lavazza, a member of its board of directors and the driving force behind the creation and development of the Lavazza Historical Archive, and further developed by Francesca Manfredi, an author and teacher at Turin’s Scuola Holden.


Starting from the invaluable material from the historical archive, which tells the story of a family enterprise that has survived for four generations, the narrative focuses on bringing to light the vital role that women have played not only in Lavazza’s history, but also in coffee culture in general. In fact, women have always enjoyed a special place in Lavazza: their faces and personalities leap out from the pages of its long history, through Communication and through the Calendar, women have made — and continue to make — a major contribution to the life of the company.