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The Lavazza Training Center has a mission: to share the art of espresso-making with industry professionals and coffee enthusiasts. Established in Turin in 1989, it has since expanded to over 55 offices worldwide, making it the largest international training network in this field. At our company academy, coffee is more than a beverage; it's a cultural element that we continuously explore through our "Coffee School" and "Coffee Design" programs. These initiatives focus on training and product research, all aimed at delivering a truly unique coffee experience.


From botany and coffee design to the art of crafting authentic Italian espresso, the Lavazza Training Center serves as a comprehensive institution dedicated to the world of coffee. Our Coffee School offers a range of courses designed for baristas, restaurant staff, sales teams, distributors, new employees, journalists, commentators, and coffee enthusiasts alike. Guided by Lavazza experts, participants in our programs have the unique opportunity to explore the captivating world of coffee up close.


When coffee meets creativity, surprising flavor combinations emerge. Lavazza has elevated coffee design to an art form. In the Lavazza Training Center's dedicated Coffee Design laboratory, we craft innovative products, experiment with new flavor combinations, and design tools for coffee preparation and service. All of this is aimed at enriching cappuccinos and espressos with unique aromas and flavors, making them truly special.



The Lavazza Training Center has expanded its presence worldwide, with more than 50 locations spanning Europe, Australia, America, and Asia. Our academy is strategically located in major capitals, including Paris, New York, and London. In 2004, to be closer to our Italian customers, we established local branches of the Lavazza Training Center which serve as experiential laboratories for training and motivating coffee enthusiasts. In Italy, you can find six Lavazza Training Centers located in Turin, Padua, Rome, Naples, Catania, and Cagliari.

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The Lavazza Training Center proudly maintains prestigious and well-established partnerships with both public and private institutions, including the Polytechnic of Turin, the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, a project originating from the international Slow Food association, and the El Bulli Foundation, founded by the renowned Catalan chef Ferran Adrià. Notably, our twenty-year collaboration with the latter has given birth to 'èspesso,' the world's first solid coffee, as well as a range of other coffee design innovations that have revolutionized the way we enjoy this ancient beverage.

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