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Coffee design is coffee that meets creativity, a world to be discovered that is the result of surprising combinations of taste.

In fact, this did not exist until a few years ago, when Lavazza transformed coffee design into a real art form. Even the taste of a cappuccino or an espresso is enriched with surprising aromas and flavours.

The birthplace of our ideas is the Training Center laboratory entirely dedicated to Coffee Design; here we create innovative products, experiment with new flavour combinations and design tools for the preparation and service of coffee.

The starting point for these fantastic creations? All of Lavazza's innovation and experience.



A Tiramisu in which the roles of the classic ingredients are reversed. The biscuit is now a cocoa sheet, the coffee light as air, produced by a cold infusion, and the mascarpone plays a lighter role. Layer after layer, the lightness of the textures balances the flavours of the ingredients, and the dessert is topped off with a sprinkling of ground coffee.


Central to the recipe is the liquid coffee center achieved through Ferran Adrià’s reverse spherification process. The base is a salted coffee crumble, where the coffee sphere sits wrapped in white chocolate and coffee cream. Upon cutting, you discover the sweet surprise of textures and flavours.


This milk soup, with a few simple ingredients, draws strong inspiration from past rural traditions. The caramelized bread base goes perfectly with the coffee ganache, and it is served in a velvety, milk cream, flavoured with Turkish ground coffee.


These three small, crispy meringues were created using Lavazza instant coffee (a very high-quality, soluble coffee). Served alongside the classic espresso cup, they turn our must-have espresso into a real coffee design experience.


A tribute to the coffee world, this caramelized jelly, with its notable crystallized texture and Cold Brew (infused iced coffee) base, was presented at the 2015 edition of Identità Golose. It bears the signature of the great, international gourmet pastry chef, Loretta Fanella.


Coffee puff pastry with a particular flavour and buttery, fragrant texture goes perfectly with sweet and savoury treats. Ideal for brunch and continental breakfasts. A sublime taste experience with orange marmalade and foie gras.


Terrain de café, a creative idea developed by the Lavazza Training Center, which pays homage to the most prestigious tournament that takes place on the red clay court. A hazelnut ganache is smothered in coffee and its orange color pays tribute to the Roland Garros clay court. The coffee layer is prepared by creating a new savoury crumble, in which 30% of the dough is made from extracted coffee grounds. The tennis ball placed on this pitch is nothing less than a hazelnut praline in white chocolate and lemon by G. Gobino.


This product recreates the  macchiato coffee as an espresso jelly with cream pearls. The latter is created using a caviar maker which, thanks to a liquid cream, releases the product into a nitrogen brewer. The low temperature (-196°c), turns the cream into small white cream pearls whose taste and texture are the perfect magical contrast to the coffee jelly. it is an imaginative reinvention of the macchiato coffee in which the espresso is a soft jelly. The liquid nitrogen transforms the liquid cream into icy pearls which complete the recipe with an enjoyable contrast of textures and temperatures.


Coffeetail n. 50, named after the most recent 50 Best in London, is a cocktail based on Lavazza’s Kafa coffee, extracted cold for 12 hours (Cold brew), with the addition of Havana Club and lemon rinds. The resulting is a creation reminiscent of the classic Cuba Libre, served in small transparent jars following the “jam jar” trend!



Designed by the Spanish creative Toni Segarra, this is the perforated spoon created specifically for Èspesso, the first solid coffee in history. The hole in the middle emphasizes the solid texture of Èspesso.


Designed by Claudio Caramel and patented by Lavazza, the Passion>Me glass is a cocktail shaker that combines the device’s traditional functionality with a playful presentation. The Passion>Me cocktail is served with its basic ingredients already mixed inside the glass, while the lid containing the espresso coffee is placed upside-down on top of it. The consumer will then add the coffee to the other ingredients and shake it like a bartender.


Patented by Lavazza, Double Cup is inspired by the original Viennese coffee, in which the cream and coffee are served separately. Double Cup brings together the concept of tasting two products that differ in texture and temperature into a single cup, as is the case of Tandem Espresso and Tandem Cappuccino specialties.


A highlight of coffee culture in all its forms, the Cuor di Crema cappuccino maker stems from a collaboration between the Lavazza Training Centre team and the Equipment Business Unit. Patented by Lavazza, Cuor di Crema makes it easy to prepare not only a homemade cappuccino, but also many other delicious and traditional Italian hot and cold drinks.


A simple and brilliant idea to stir sugar into your coffee without breaking up the cream on top and preserve the full aroma of your espresso. Espoon is a unique spoon with a hole in the middle, created for Lavazza by Davide Oldani, one of the world's best-known chefs and designers. When the Espoon comes into contact with the espresso cream, Espoon gently cuts through it while preventing the aroma from dispersing and keeping the coffee from cooling too quickly, as it happens with traditional spoons.


An innovative tool used to prepare Geloespresso, the iced coffee, and a new way to enjoy classic cold coffee. In this container, patented by Lavazza, you first pour the ice and then steaming hot espresso, sweetened to taste. In a few seconds of percolation through the ice, the coffee reaches the desired level of freshness and then descends into the glass, passing through a calibrated hole at the bottom. A magic trick as simple as it is sophisticated, best enjoyed through a transparent Coffee cooler.


From the search for innovative solutions comes the new and exclusive Multi-Purpose Mixer. Developed and patented by the Lavazza Training Centre and Equipment Business Unit teams, the Multi-Purpose Mixer can be used to make all our Espresso unique specialties, plus other hot and cold beverages, quickly and perfectly. It allows you to prepare milk for cappuccino and hot chocolate, coffee shakes and other innovative recipes. Featuring various functions, it can be used to prepare up to 4 servings. An authentic multi-beverage system that, despite its compact size, brings together all the equipment most commonly used in cafes into a single tool.


After the perforated Espoon, the Training Centre team and Davide Oldani developed Ecup: a streamlined, elegant cup with a steeply angled side that lets the espresso slide down smoothly from the nozzle of the machine. It features a special air chamber that isolates the coffee to prevent scalding, while the two small hollow holes on the side of the cup function as finger-holds. With the Ecup, the espresso slides down gradually into the cup, so that the cream remains intact, and the flavour and aroma are preserved to the full.

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