Lavazza & Jannik Sinner Jannik beyond sinner

Jannik beyond sinner

The “human” beyond the champion

By Lavazza Team 2/3 minutes

Jannik Sinner. A tennis prodigy, he is the youngest Italian player to break into the top 10 of the ATP rankings. So young, has catched the world attention with his remarkable skills and achievements on the most prestigious tournaments.

For Lavazza, he is more than a worldwide sport ambassador, this partnership represents a perfect match between tennis values and passion for excellence. Lavazza recognizes the importance of nurturing young talent and believes in Jannik's potential to shape the future of tennis.

How to communicate this perfect match? With "Jannik beyond Sinner" project, which explores the authentic and spontaneous personality behind the champion, being human and genuine beyond his great professionalism and demonstrated successes.

During the four most prestigious tournaments in which Lavazza is main partner - Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open and Nitto ATP finals, Lavazza engages Jannik in candid conversations, to offer fans a deeper understanding of Jannik's dedication, perseverance and the importance of “precious rituals” in his tennis career.

As Jannik continues his path during the matches, Lavazza supports him celebrating his victories, providing unwavering support during difficult moments and sharing his story with the world. Together, they continue to inspire fans and future tennis stars alike, while fostering curiosity for the rituals, traditions and that unite sports and coffee.

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