Lavazza joins the “CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The Company accepts the invitation to businesses made by Gucci President and CEO Marco Bizzarri



Turin, 16 January 2020 – As the European Union is presenting its investment plan to become the world’s first bloc of countries to be zero climate impact by 2050, Lavazza Group announces it has joined the “CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge”, having responded to the open letter published in November by Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO at Gucci, which will be highlighted at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The Challenge invites businesses to prioritize maximum reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as a priority and then, as a final measure, offset them, and to act immediately and responsibly to such end. Lavazza will be following the ‘guiding principles’ set forth by the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge and found on An underlying idea is also to stimulate operators in all industries to invest in the efficient management of all processes with the aim of minimizing their impacts first and then translate the remaining emissions across the entire supply chain into nature-based solutions to safeguard biodiversity and the world's forest heritage, thus contributing directly to helping mitigate climate change.

“Lavazza’s drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions began years ago. But the global expansion of a market that’s seeing constantly growing demand for coffee and the worsening of the climate crisis are forcing industry leaders to define a sustainable value chain and step up efforts to get as near as possible to “Carbon Neutrality” in industrial activities and the production chain,” says Antonio Baravalle, CEO at Lavazza Group. “In taking up Marco Bizzarri’s invitation we will be ramping up our investment and innovation programmes and working organically. Individual initiatives aren’t enough: we firmly believe in the necessity of a joint effort across all the players in the market, of whatever size and in whatever industry.”

In recent years, Lavazza has been seriously committed to creating a low carbon emissions economy in line with the Agenda 2030 that the Company undersigned in 2017, adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals that outline the path for its Sustainability activities.

Lavazza adopts a systemic approach to sustainable development and its Carbon Neutrality drive involves various activities: detailed analysis and reporting of direct and indirect emissions; projects to reduce emissions, for example thanks to energy efficiency activities and the use of 100% renewable energy sources for plants in Italy and France; the sustainable packaging road map with the aim of improving recyclability and reducing the impact of all packaging used by the Lavazza Group; implementation of a plan for emissions offsetting activities to be developed within 2021, which is based on a series of our Foundation projects, active in 17 countries, also aimed at sustainable cultivation and reforestation.