Lavazza is ranked amongst the top 10 companies in the world for Corporate Responsibility, climbing no fewer than 23 spots in 2019 to achieve 9th place in the “2019 Global CR RepTrak®”. Conducted by the Reputation Institute, the “Global CR RepTrak®” is the world’s furthest-reaching public opinion study into the perception of Corporate Responsibility.


Of the 100 companies listed, Lavazza has achieved the highest ranking in the food&beverage sector, as well as leading the Italian companies included in the assessment.


The 230,000 consumers who were interviewed in 15 markets gave their views on the three factors that contribute to a company’s Corporate Responsibility:

·  Workplace: attractiveness of the workplace, respect for employees, equal opportunities and gender equality

·  Governance: corporate transparency and ethical behaviour

·  Citizenship: environmental and social responsibility and the ability to positively impact society


This significant achievement demonstrates how an unwavering focus on people and the sharing of Sustainable Development principles, by communicating the company’s commitment, have allowed Lavazza to forge a trail that combines responsibility and business, and to tackle sustainability-related challenges in a concrete and innovative way that is admired by civil society as a whole.