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The new frontier in “mindful” food

Promoting ethical cuisine that respects the value of the territory: this is one of the main objectives of Care’s – The Ethical Chef Days, the annual global event that takes place in Alta Badia, in the heart of the Dolomites, blending haute cuisine with a focus on a more responsible future. Organised by chef Norbert Niederkofler and his friend Paolo Ferretti, Care’s is an invitation to understand how important it is today to act responsibly in one’s approach to food.

Reuniting internationally acclaimed chefs who share the same commitment, Care’s, whose subheading is unsurprisingly The Ethical Chef Days, wants to be the inspiration behind a positive change in cooking, a sort of return to the most ancient practices of correctly relying on resources, the rhythms of nature, and the territory.

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Care's - Ethical Cuisine Care's Chef - Atelier Moessmer

Care’s chef


Care's Chef - Atelier Moessmer  Norbert Niederkofler

The new frontier in mindful food

During four days and through their “eco-gastronomic” offerings, the chefs will bring urgent issues for our daily life to the table: the regeneration of food systems, waste disposal, and the reduction of food waste but also the concept of local communities, education, and training. Over the years, Care’s has become not only a highly celebrated event and an occasion on which to sample nutritious, delicious food but also an important moment of synergistic collaboration between the best chefs in the world, with the intention of inspiring a change in everyday life to construct the new frontier of “mindful” food. For this reason, Care’s rewards the work of young chefs that place the spotlight on a culture of care and responsibility in terms of the environment and the communities that rely on it, generating a new way of creating haute cuisine. 

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Rifugio Ütia Bioch, Badia (BZ)

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Care's Chef

The collaboration between Care’s and Lavazza

The appropriate management of resources is what inspired the collaboration between Care’s and Lavazza, a partner of the initiative since the first event in 2016. The collaboration falls within the Lavazza Group’s communication platform Blend for Better which, starting from the company’s most deeply held values, defines the Group’s current commitment: not just producing excellent coffee but also promoting, through the non-profit Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation Onlus, sustainable agricultural practices in the production countries, developing the production communities, and raising consumer awareness of the importance of moving towards ecological transition.

At the high-altitude event, as well as being present through La Reserva de ¡Tierra!, Lavazza will offer tasting sessions conducted in collaboration with the Lavazza Training Center, offering participants an authentic coffee experience as a demonstration of the infinite experimentations in which coffee can be the star. The common thread in all of this? The essential requirement of quality, no matter what, but never to the detriment of the good of Nature. 

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