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An idea needs to materialise to become a project. A dream needs people to come true. The Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation has combined it all: ideas and dreams, projects and people. Founded in 2004, this year it will celebrate its 20th anniversary: it is for this reason that the 2024 Lavazza Calendar is dedicated to our Foundation. 
Over the years, we have learnt to work together and share objectives, efforts and achievements. Aware that alone we go fast, but together we go further.


More Responsibility

The shared commitment to offering tangible solutions to a need that comes from the individual.

More Sustainability

A protection mechanism that starts from objectives and intentions and translates into strategies and actions.

More Innovation

Synonymous with legacy and change, a continuously evolving history timeline.

More Inspiration

A process that can transform something that is expected to be powerful into something extraordinary.

The three photographers

“More than Us” celebrates an intertwining of talents, stories and experiences. That’s why the 2024 Calendar is an artistic project of multiple voices singing in unison. A collective of three great photographers, all united by the energy of Africa: Daniel Obasi, Thandiwe Muriu and Aart Verrips.

Thandiwe Muriu

Thandiwe Muriu

Self-taught photographer, she takes you on a colourful, reflective journey through her world as a woman living in modern Africa. Through surreal illusions she confronts issues surrounding identity and female empowerment.

Aart Verrips

Aart Verrips

South African based filmmaker and photographer. Verrips’ images have a crisp clean aesthetic: he is always drawn to non- traditional faces in his photographic work, with the aim of showcasing a new standard of beauty.

Daniel Obasi

Daniel Obasi

A multifaceted artist: his works are concerned with advancing the scope of African narratives. His shot are whimsical, ethereal, soft yet sensual and powerfully contrasting with sharp silhouettes, colors and stories.

The Foundation

Since 2004, the Fondazione Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Onlus has been committed to empower local communities by supporting the development of sustainable entrepreneurship. This year it is celebrating its 20th anniversary and, through the involvement of new generations and the enhancement of women's work, is committed to promoting the improvement of living conditions, with 33 projects in 20 countries and 3 continents.


MORE THAN US, the story behind the lens

More Than Us is also the name of the podcast created for the Lavazza Calendar 2024 and produced by Chora Media. The sound-story of a new and creative Africa through the shots and voices of Thandiwe Muriu, Aart Verrips and Daniel Obasi.


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