Coffee Pairing

Beyond form, flavour and colours

The transformation involves a change, usually a deep and definitive one, in shape, appearance or structure. 


Following this principle, Loretta Fanella and the Lavazza Training Centre have created a coffee pairing which is interesting in its consistency and chromatic shades. A winning combination with a common denominator: the aromatic notes of fruits and flowers of Lavazza’s ¡Tierra! Bio Organic blend.

Raw materials are the first things to be transformed, from the classic forms that we recognise to the unusual offerings that amaze the eyes. And then there is the transformation of an instrument, the shaker, from a tool of the trade into a container for plating the dish. Finally, the transformation of the coffee itself: elevated from an accompanying beverage to the principle ingredient of the preparation.



The appeal of this coffee pairing is highlighted through another aspect: the colours. Orangey peaches, vanilla ice cream, raspberry pulp, white chocolate, fresh violet flowers and whole white almonds. A symphony for the eyes.



Nothing is left to chance and Loretta Fanella skilfully combines the textures and shades of her creation: she jots down ideas for the dish that she has in mind in her notebook. She draws it and helps us to imagine the dish as it will be composed: perfect spheres of fruit, circular and smooth. And here begins the real transformation: the fruit is blended and changes from whole to liquid. It takes on a spherical shape and is frozen. When it is served, it regains its soft texture, inside a transparent cocktail shaker.


The Lavazza Training Centre takes care of the drink: coffee flavoured with rum and combined with a jasmine distillate, all combined using the shaker again; it is then served inside a small glass. Inspired by the Italian moka pot, prepared after family meals and served accompanied by liqueurs prepared by grandmothers, the idea was to bring together the tastes of coffee, with fruity notes and a rounded aroma, in a single drink. The idea is combined with Loretta Fanella’s idea of revising the classic dessert invented by the Frenchman Escoffier with a modern twist.



A perfect match: Loretta Fanella’s Peach Melba and the Lavazza Training Centre’s Carmencita Shaker.