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Bruno Slastan

Red Clay Manager


Bruno is the Red Clay Manager, the maintenance manager for all the courts at Roland-Garros.


Sitting down with a cappuccino, he talks about his working day: at six he is already on the courts, to take the covers off after the night and prepare them for the eight o’clock training. After the matches they need to be restored, a job that can take most of the day, up until nine in the evening.



The terrain is, in fact, much more complex than it may appear on the surface: “It consists of a normal first layer, followed by stones accompanied by a drainage mesh, a level of rubble, white limestone and, only at the end, a layer of crushed brick”.


Bruno is keen to emphasise that there is no such thing as a first class or a second class court: each one is tended to with the same care and dedication; of course, he explains, “The centre court requires more work because of its size, but those who work there get to enjoy the best matches”. It’s a job that requires commitment and patience, but one that can bring great satisfaction thanks to the unique atmosphere enjoyed during the tournament, where the people who work there can meet great champions, past and present.


Bruno Slastan
Bruno Slastan

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