A story of sustainability

behind every cup

Care, craftsmanship and sustainability. In Lavazza we firmly believe that good coffee comes from the union of these elements. That is why we created Coffee Defenders: a community of baristas and coffee lovers aiming to support farmers and spread good coffee culture, in the name of sustainability.


Through La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Coffee Defenders we will directly finance Lavazza Foundation sustainability projects helping farmers to increase the quality of their harvest and supports baristas with dedicated materials and trainings program to improve their professional role and enhance the end consumer coffee experience, in all its forms, moments and meanings.























































A 360° approach combining an effective on-field commitment and a concrete involvement of the coffee

lovers’ community.

As Coffee Defenders we believe sustainable practices can effectively improve the quality of beans and the life of all the actors within the coffee value-chain. Because better coffee is not possible without involving the values, the efforts and the passion of all the coffee stakeholders.



Enhancing Expertise

With Coffee Defenders, La Reserva de ¡Tierra! highlights the central role of baristas in the education and involvement of coffee community and coffee lovers, giving the right support to spread sustainability and quality practices.

Supporting Plantations

2 coffee areas and 2 specific sustainability tasks with the same main objective: increase the quality of harvest and improve life conditions of local farmers.

Discover our direct commitment in helping the local communities of Meta, in Colombia, and Lambari, in Brazil.

Our Philosophy

Better coffee means better life and better future.

Good coffee is the one resulting from good and sustainable practices, all-along the value chain.

That is why we work every day for a better product and a better coffee experience.


News from Coffee Defenders

Stay update on all the latest news and activities about Coffee Defenders’ commitment.