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The career of Emilian chef Federico Zanasi has been marked by a series of unforgettable experiences alongside some of the brightest stars on the Italian and international culinary stage. After a decade of direct collaboration with Moreno Cedroni, the chef who brought an avant-garde spirit into Italian cuisine, Zanasi continued his professional journey in the role of head chef at the Hotel Principe Delle 

Nevi in Cervinia, Aosta Valley. However, it was his training at elBullifoundation  alongside Ferran Adrià that honed his ability to create dishes that would flawlessly blend innovation and tradition. His cuisine is based on an in-depth study of Italian ingredients, a passion for storytelling through food, and a tireless quest for excellence, which earned him the title of “Best Sous Chef of the Year” in 2011.

Chef Zanasi ricetta

Condividere Restaurant

Condividere, the restaurant in Nuvola Lavazza

In 2014, the renowned food critic Bob Noto shared an insight with the Lavazza family and Ferran Adrià: “What Torino lacks is a restaurant like Barcelona’s Tickets, an example of haute cuisine that is also accessible to everyone, fun and informal”. As a result of that meeting, the restaurant Condividere opened four years later as an homage to the quest for fine flavours, elegance, and the sharing its name alludes to, with its kitchen in the trusted hands of Federico Zanasi. 

If Zanasi is the orchestra conductor of a menu whose storytelling consists of the sequence of dishes, which are in no need of explanation, Ferran Adrià is the inspiration and the brains behind the venue, whose spaces and immersive, dreamlike décor were designed by Oscar-winner Dante Ferretti. 

Zanasi Ristorante Condividere

Condividere Restaurant

Set in the Nuvola Lavazza headquarters, the restaurant is much more than a place to dine. An atmosphere suspended between dreams and reality—urban, colourful, and welcoming—where guests can feel at ease and enjoy not just the dishes, which are served “tapas style, for sharing”, but also the pleasure of spending time together.

Surprise: this is the first feeling that greets guests when they cross the threshold. Set and costume designer Dante Ferretti created a space where different styles live in harmony, from an industrial look to cartoon graffiti and even metal lacework, which transforms the industrial materials into an ornate, Baroque pattern with a touch of the Middle East. Heightening the setting’s spectacular effect is the wall of clocks, Maestro Ferretti’s tribute to the 21st century’s most important value: time.

Ristorante Condividere di Federico Zanasi

Condividere Restaurant

Taking its cue from the rituals of Spanish cuisine, the menu on offer is the result of a tasting journey that centres the entire experience on aspects like conviviality and sharing through a fusion of historic and traditional recipes, creativity, and modern preparation techniques. 

At round tables or at a counter where diners can view the kitchen as they eat, guests enjoy one morsel after another, with a little taste of Emilia, a little of Spain, of Piedmont, and of the future. Chef Zanasi and his staff invite us to revel along a path through genius and decadence, playfulness and remembrance, for an exciting experience to be relished and shared. 

Condividere Restaurant: Menu by Federico Zanasi

It all begins with an amuse-bouche that conveys the history of the restaurant: “Parmesan ice cream”, with sweet and sour notes of mead, a fermented honey-based drink. This is one of Ferran Adrià’s most famous recipes originating from the kitchen of elBulli, and it is also an homage to the Turin photographer and food critic Bob Noto, who passed away in 2017 and whose idea inspired Condividere.

To follow, there are three tasting menus to choose from, each fully expressing the unique identity of the restaurant: “Classici”, “Festival”, and “Gran Festival”. 

The “Classici” menu offers up the establishment’s iconic and historic creations, like the “Mulassano sandwich”, a savoury meringue filled with crab and Capricciosa salad, and dishes which represent Ferran Adrià’s eclectic style, like the “elBulli spherical olive”, a sphere containing a highly concentrated olive flavour, ready to burst in the mouth. But it also includes creations with Federico Zanasi’s unmistakable signature, like the “Tigella Modenese”, a traditional local flatbread filled with cunza, a typical Emilian paste with a base of lard, rosemary, and garlic. In the middle, meanwhile, the “Festival” menu is an exploration of the classic and the contemporary, with dishes such as the “Potato air baguette with marinated beef” or the “Oyster Cold Brew”, a pearl in a cold coffee  rich with aromatic properties. Finally, “Gran Festival” is nothing short of a joyful celebration of delicious dishes. Some evoke nostalgia, like the chickpea farinata transformed into gofri, which are wafers with a neutral taste, a Piedmontese street food created in the late 19th century and inspired by French waffles. Other recipes on this menu transport diners to far-flung corners of the globe, like the “Piedmontese Katsu Sando”, a fusion of Japanese and western cuisine.

Katsu Sando

Katsu Sandu – Condividere Restaurant
Oliva sferica elBulli

elBulli Spherical Olive – Condividere Restaurant

Coffee tasting and dessert: a unique experience to share at Condividere

At the end of the evening, you will be invited to move to the idyllic outdoor area overlooking the Nuvola Lavazza piazza or to the romantic gazebo. The experience will continue in a setting designed for an unhurried tasting of the range of desserts to be paired with different types of coffee prepared using different brewing methods, including the Chemex, a version of filter coffee which is becoming increasingly popular among “coffee lovers”. Its fascination lies in the ritual that accompanies the extraction of coffee: the choice of the filter, the water pouring technique, the timing. Among the various delicacies you will find “Tropézienne”, a dessert which is ideal for sharing thanks to its long, narrow shape, prepared using puff pastry and French Chantilly cream with vanilla and mascarpone, an homage to the historic Turin patisserie Pasticceria Uva. You can enjoy this exquisite treat while sipping on one of the delicious coffee cocktails on offer, such as the “espresso Martini ”, the perfect dessert or after-dinner drink with its exceptional sweet and bitter notes, or the “Irish Coffee”, a decadent blend of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and fluffy whipped cream. And let’s not forget the “Revolver Cocktail”, with its intriguing fusion of vanilla and oak notes, with a touch of fiery orange.

Ristorante Condividere Dehor

Outdoors – Condividere Restaurant

Coffee tasting and dessert: a unique experience to share at Condividere

The desire to bring authenticity into an informal setting, where gastronomic history and tradition could be reinterpreted with modern flair, led chef Federico Zanasi down some unexplored paths that earned him a Michelin star for the Condividere restaurant in 2019. This accolade recognises the quality and research inherent in his cuisine, in a space that engages diners, immersing them in a new understanding and experience of fine dining.

Ristorante Condividere dessert

Dessert Festival – Condividere Restaurant

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