Cold creams

Fresh delights by Eraclea

Smooth, sweet, velvety: explore our cold creams

Eraclea’s cold creams in Yogurt and Coffee flavours allow you to offer your customers a wide and delicious range, perfect for the warmer months. And with the new Cold Milk Cream you can offer the freshness of Eraclea creams in the colder months as well.

Iced Cappuccino

With its balanced recipe, free from hydrogenated fats and now gluten free, Eraclea Iced Cappuccino is a delicious alternative to espresso coffee. Quick and easy to prepare, with a host of alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes, give your customers another reason to visit your establishment.


Iced cappuccino: Services for baristas

Explore the elegant range of accessories, from menus and menu holders to Eraclea cups, our elegant and versatile Ice-Slush machine, and much  more, developed by Eraclea to help you to make the experience in your establishment even more special. 

Yogurt Cream

Eraclea Yogurt Cream offers your clients a snack break with a fresh, natural taste - now also gluten free. Offer this delicious triumph of freshness, easy to prepare with our Ice Slush Machine. Accompany with fresh fruit and toppings of your choice.


Yogurt Cream: Services for baristas

Cups and glasses designed by Eraclea, the elegant and versatile Ice Slush Machine, menus and menu holders for tables: discover the services that Eraclea has developed for its partners.

Cold Milk Cream

New for 2018, winning over palates with its delicate fresh cream flavour.

Cold Milk Cream is gluten free, delicious in recipes with espresso coffee, combined with fruits and as a base for desserts. 


Cold Milk Cream: Services for baristas 

The range of Eraclea Cold Milk Cream accessories is rich and elegant: cups, glasses, pictures for walls and three-sided table display menus, as well as the versatile four-sided menu. The NINA granita-maker, practical and light with an insulated 2-litre tank, is ideal for offering the new Eraclea cold cream, saving energy and improving preparation times.