Mediterranean freshness

Fresh granitas, in absolute simplicity

Eraclea Granita is the perfect product for the hotter months. Thirst-quenching and refreshing, it offers a range of flavours from typical Mediterranean to more contemporary. Eraclea offers you everything you need to prepare large numbers of delicious granitas in absolute simplicity.

Granita all in one

Crisp, fresh and thirst-quenching, Eraclea’s Granita All-In-One is available in five deliciously Mediterranean flavours: watermelon, lemon, melon, strawberry and mint. Use it with our Ice Slush Machine to offer your customers a granita with an intense and fruity flavour.

Ice No Problem and Frutta Mix

With Ice No Problem, the special mix for ice slush machines produced by Eraclea, you quickly obtain a perfect base which guarantees the volume and duration essential for soft and velvety granitas, reducing power consumption. And with a few drops of Frutta Mix your velvety Eraclea granita is enriched with intense Mediterranean flavours. Available in 14 different fresh flavours.


Services for baristas

Eraclea offers you a rich range of accessories and communications materials to accompany the exquisite Eraclea Granita. From the special Ice Slush Machine, to glass tumblers, pictures and menu holders, right up to the Eraclea Summer Kiosk.