Barley and Ginseng Coffee

Enrich your coffee bar experience with taste

Tasty and rapid alternatives to espresso

Eraclea’s Barley and Ginseng Coffee range allows you to offer your clients two delicious and popular alternatives to coffee, rich in natural ingredients.

Barley and Ginseng Coffee

Fragrant aroma, balanced taste: barley is a healthy daily pleasure which is naturally caffeine free. The range includes Eraclea’s Classic Barley and Organic Barley, to be drunk in a large or small cup, at any time of the day.

With its dose of vitality and energy, ginseng is one of Italy’s favourite alternatives to coffee. Eraclea offers you Classic Ginseng, with decisive notes of ginseng, and the creamy Ginseng Double Cream, with sweet notes of caramel and vanilla.


Services for baristas

Eraclea offers you a host of options to enrich the experience of your customers, from cups for barley and ginseng, to double-faced illustrations that highlight their natural ingredients. Discover the practical Eraclea Barley Machine, which helps you to prepare delicious barley and ginseng beverages in just a few minutes.