Gran Café Paulista

100% natural Arabica blend with notes of chocolate and dried fruit, featuring the Cereja Apassita which adds hints of honey. A unique coffee, sustainably grown in Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

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The iconic Gran Café Paulista is back

Born in 1961 in Turin from the collaboration between Lavazza and the Istituto Brasileiro do Café, Gran Café Paulista is the famous Italian coffee dedicated to baristas. The Italian coffee icon is back to bring the joy and pleasure of a unique espresso all over the world.

Lavazza first single-origin of fine Brazilian Arabica, since 1961
  • 100% natural Arabica


  • Brazil


  • Delicate


Hasta el aroma siempre.

Gran Café Paulista contains, among its components, Cereja Apassita which enriches the blend with hints of honey and raisins as well as giving it a naturally sweet in-cup profile. The Cereja Apassita was born from a project started almost 20 years ago in Brazil with the objective of creating a naturally extra sweet, coffee. Coffee growers took inspiration from the wine process, where the best grapes are left to dry on the vine to obtain sweetness and full-body. The same process is applied to coffee: when the cherries are ripe these are left for up to 30 days on the trees so that Cereja Apassita acquires greater complexity, more sweetness and more body. 

A sweet espresso with a contemporary taste
Aromatic notes
Dried fruit
Aromatic area Balanced

Sustainably grown

Gran Café Paulista contains 100% of coffee sustainably grown in Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Excellence with CO₂ emissions offset

Our coffee capsules could not be entirely excellent without caring for the environment and their carbon footprint. This is why our products are crafted offsetting CO₂ emissions. Now it is pure excellence.