Coffee Sapiens:

getting to know coffee

Thanks to his Sapiens method, Ferran Adrià wants to go deep into every field of Western gastronomy.

With Lavazza’s support, now is the time for coffee.

Since 2015, when he started elBulli Foundation, Ferran Adrià has been spending most of his time to make research. Through the language of food, he wants to spark creativity in every field. To face this challenge, Adrià has undertaken an even bigger one: a monumental opus that describes all aspects of Western gastronomy.


The goal of Bullipedia is to analyse every area in a brief yet complete way through the Sapiens methodology.

Involving experts from different disciplines, the method connects the information necessary to comprehend a topic. And so, the first three volumes were born: Wines, Drinks and Cocktails.

A variety of perspectives is what gave life to Coffee Sapiens, a study written with the collaboration of Pollenzo University to understand coffee way beyond the edges of a cup. A natural progress of the research made by Ferran, always fascinated by the possibilities of coffee.


In 2000, one of the world’s most influential chefs became Lavazza’s brand ambassador. Eighteen years later, together they tell you all they know about coffee - how it was born, what it became, what it represents for Western culture and how to deeply respect it. Whether you’re a professional, an enthusiast or just a coffee lover, this book will enrich your perception of coffee.

"The journey I started more than 20 years ago with Lavazza inspired me to widen the boundaries of experimentation, and push me ultimately bringing to analyse coffee through the lenses of the Sapiens method."

Ferran Andrià

Coffee Sapiens

 Innovation through understanding


The volume

The last step of the collaboration between Ferran Adrià and Lavazza, to go beyond the limits of coffee once again.

The author

A chef, a food philosopher, an all-round innovator. For more than twenty years, Ferran Adrià has been one of the most influential people in world cooking.

Enter the world of Coffee Sapiens

At the origins of coffee

The places of coffee

Preparations with coffee
Training Center

The Lavazza Training Centre is the largest Italian and international centre for the study of coffee. For more than 25 years, it has trained the best professionals working in the Horeca circuit, promoting the culture of the Italian espresso globally and experimenting with new blends.