Biennale Democrazia 2019


  • From 29/03/2019 to 30/03/2019
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  • Public event, suitable for families


To mark the occasion of the Biennale Democrazia 2019 festival — five days during which Turin transforms into a true cultural and social workshop — Lavazza played host to meetings and presentations regarding the most pressing concerns of our era. Nuvola Lavazza thus confirmed its status as a genuine hub of ideas and a place to meet and exchange thoughts, opening its doors to the city and its inhabitants and offering a rich programme of guests. Nuvola Lavazza is an ecosystem of different spaces — from the company Museum to the La Centrale events area, from the Condividere restaurant to the Group’s offices — brought to life by the desire to spread culture, thereby reinforcing its own role as a venue open to the city and to the world, for exchanging and sharing projects.


In particularon Friday 29 and Saturday 30 March, in the spaces of La Centrale at Nuvola, Lavazza will launch a series of gatherings and talks, allowing noteworthy guests to tackle the main theme of the Biennale Democrazia 2019: Visible, Invisible. On Friday, it will be the turn of Ambra Angiolini, Pif and Luis Sal, in a meeting entitled “Polvere di stelle” (Stardust), while on Saturday Pif will join Giovanni Tizian for a discussion on the topic of “Mafia quotidiana” (Everyday mafia). Following this, Piero Boitani and Ersilia Vaudo Scarpetta, moderated by Luca De Biase, can be seen in conversation at the Lavazza Museum, on the topic of “Stelle. L’essenziale è invisibile agli occhi” (Stars: what is essential is invisible to the eye). The day at La Centrale concludes with “Lo strabismo di Venere” (The Strabismus of Venus), a meeting between Serena Dandini, Maura Misiti, Isabella Ragonese and Carla Signoris, discussing courageous women who changed the course of history yet remained in the shadows.


Moreover, this year’s edition of the Biennale places a particular focus on Aurora ⁠— the district at the heart of the Nuvola Lavazza project ⁠— as a place for meetings, ideas and workshops for the city of Turin. 


The story of the  A.A.A. Project ⁠— Accoglie Accompagna Avvicina (Embrace, Support, Grow Closer) will also be told, confirming the company’s commitment to community engagement: the aim is to assist a group of young people in developing skills that will allow them to find work in the sector, thanks to a training programme for professional baristas provided in Turin by Lavazza and the Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare social promotion association. In fact, to mark the occasion of the Biennale Democrazia, Lavazza and the Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare will present the individual stories of the young people at the heart of the training course, along with their entrance into the world of work. In addition, the locals involved in the project will hold a photographic exhibition dedicated to the young people themselves and the tale of their experience.


Biennale Democrazia @Nuvola Lavazza

The programme:

Friday 29 March:

21:00 at La Centrale | Polvere di stelle. Ambra Angiolin, Pif and Luis Sal


Saturday 30 March:

11:00 at La Centrale | Mafia Quotidiana. Pif and Giovanni Tizian

18:00 Lavazza Museum | Stelle. L’essenziale è invisibile agli occhi. Piero Boitani and Ersilia Vaudo Scarpetta. Coordinated by Luca De Biase.

21:00 La Centrale | Lo strabismo di Venere. Serena Dandini with Maura Misiti, Isabella Ragonese and Carla Signoris.

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Event organised in La Centrale at Nuvola Lavazza – via Ancona 11.

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