Nuvola Lavazza #superalebarriere


  • From 04/04/2019 to 31/05/2019
  • €15.00 – €18.00
  • Public event, suitable for families and those interested in history



Nuvola Lavazza opens its doors to the latest edition of the Festival dedicated to Historical Archives: an event for sharing the values, culture, innovation and places that safeguard both the memories and the future of the company. Nuvola Lavazza will play host to the press conference for the 2019 archivissima event and, from 4 April until the end of May, Lavazza will also hold the first public exhibition of Lavazza Picture Cards, a piece of its heritage which has been kept safely in its Archives until now.


The theme of #superalebarriere reflects the anniversaries celebrated in 2019 of groundbreaking events such as the fall of the Berlin wall, the publication of the Italian “Manifesto of Futurism”, and humankind’s first landing on the moon with the Apollo Mission. Lavazza chose to dedicate the final panel of its fun encyclopaedic exhibition “L’Enciclopedia è un gioco!” to the last of these anniversaries, with never-published illustrations of the Apollo Mission." “Sharing our heritage of stories and places is one of the ways in which barriers can be transcended”, states Antonella Lavazza, “and it is in this spirit that we wanted to celebrate all the content of the Historical Archive and make it available to all with an exhibition on the Lavazza Picture Cards and the unpublished illustrations, revealed to the public for the first time”.


The exhibition goes beyond the confines of the Lavazza Museum – an engaging and experiential itinerary designed by the American studio Ralph Appelbaum Associates – beginning with the history of the company and ending in Universo, where visitors can enjoy a 360° total immersion. “We didn’t want there to be any barriers in the Museum, whether in terms of staging, technology or the contents”, says Marco Amato, Director of the Lavazza Museum and the creator of the Picture Card Exhibition. “Bringing a treasure like the original illustrations for the Lavazza Picture Cards out of the Archive was a unique opportunity to tell the stories that it holds”


The Museum shares a building with Lavazza’s Historical Archive, where the company’s memories are safely stored in over 8,500 documents, images and objects. The Archive is not just home to over 120 years of the company’s history, but is also ever-evolving, being updated constantly with new documents, contents and ideas. 

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Event planned for the Nuvola Lavazza Atrium – Via Bologna 32/A.

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Nuvola Lavazza Atrium
Via Bologna 32/A, 10152 Turin (TO)
011 2179621

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